On road asphalt racing facility

Welcome to the N-Control preview site, featuring information about Central Texas' first permanent on road asphalt racing facility located 15 minutes South of Circuit of the Americas near Austin. DONATE NOW

  • Asphalt Track
  • Central Texas Location
  • Expansive Driver’s Stand
  • Experienced Race Director
  • Serene Environment
  • Handicapped Accessible
  • Fun for All Ages

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The Experience

Set in serene rural Texas thirty minutes south of Austin, N-Control RC Racing Circuit is on road racing at its finest. Our baby smooth asphalt is fast and consistent. Highly visible, car-friendly barriers compliment an exceptional layout, and racers enjoy a great view from the 9 foot high driver's stand. N-Control hosts both nitro and electric classes in scales from 1/12th to 1/8th.

N-Control Features


Here are some frequently asked questions about racing at N-Control.

When does N-Control race?

Club racing at N-Control happens every Sunday starting at noon, typically finishing by 6PM. Major events preempt this schedule. The latest information can also be found in the N-Control forum on RCFiles.com LOCATED HERE.

What are the costs associated with buying an RC race car?

Prices are estimates at the time of this writing, and do not include a transponder: Spec Mini Rally, (around $200) USGT ($400 - 1000), Budget Touring (around $375), 25.5 Touring ($400 - 1000)

How much does it cost to race?

Our standard club race program costs $20 for a driver's first entry, and $10 for each additional entry by that driver. Additional entries are counted acorss immeidate family members, such that a father and son each drivign in one class pay entry fees of $30. Special events may have different pricing.

As a new RC racer, what classes should I consider?

Some classes tend to be more "serious" than others, and we recommend the following classes to novice competitors... they are less serious, and may be either slower or employ particularly durable vehicles.

What classes do you run?

NControl welcomes a full range of on road classes every club race. Classes may be combined or run together to craft an efficient program. The classes we run include: 13.5 1/12th scale, 25.5 F1, Spec Mini Rally, Vintage Trans-Am (VTA), USGT, Budget Touring, 25.5 Touring, 17.5 Touring, Mod Touring, Nitro Touring, GT8, GT8e, 1/8 Open Nitro, and 1/8 Open Electric

Is the track open for practice?

Yes, the track is open for practice whenever it is light enough to see. At this time, the gate is chained shut with a spring clip. If closed upon your arrival, you may open it. If you are the only one there when you leave, please close it again. The cost for practice is $5 per driver per day, and is not optional. Video surveilence is in place covering relevant portions of the facility, and storing data in the cloud. The track is prepped with sugar water for racing, and will typically remain sticky throughout the week in the absence of rain. If it rains, you can expect a significantly different surface from race conditions. The track is not prepped for practices, except those preceding larger events.

Spec Mini Rally Racing Class

An inexpensive way to get into racing for beginners and veterans alike, is with this $200 mini rally chassis featuring durable components and fast, accurate controls right out of the box. Click here for more info.

  • Racing tires allowed
  • Shock oil changes
  • Ride height lowering
  • Differential modifications
  • 2s lipo batteries
  • Clear body customizations

Remember to support your local hobby shop when possible!

Mini Rally Spec Class